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Established in 2003 to fill an unserved niche of the premium automotive aftermarket under the SilverHorse Racing brand name, Spacecoast Precision became the logical extension of our original retail business as we had to design and manufacture our own products that many said could not be done here in America due to offshore manufacturing and cut-rate quality and prices. Rather than believe the naysayers, from the very beginning we invested heavily in cutting-edge capabilities and techniques that allowed us to not only produce our own line of products that the market had never seen before, but also produce products for other companies that demanded quality components made in America from American-made raw materials.

Over the years we have assembled a knowledgeable onsite team experienced in a wide range of manufacturing techniques to better serve your CNC machining needs. Most of our core team has been with us since almost the beginning of our company, a testament to their commitment to our vision as well as how we treat our team as family and not just a number. The result – people who actually care about the components they are making for you, rather than someone simply collecting a paycheck whether your part is good or not. We are constantly are looking for ways to contain costs for our customers without sacrificing quality, something everyone on our team is encouraged to submit for integration into our manufacturing. In just one example, we have actually reduced the cost to manufacture a product over eight years, utilizing FEA analysis and careful fixture design as well as advances in tooling and machining capability even as raw material and labor rates have continued to increase around us. In other cases, through advances in tooling or completely changing how we process a part, we have actually reduced prices and been able to pass those savings along to our customers. We continue to reinvest in our team and our capabilities to this day, so that we remain on the cutting edge of what is possible in modern CNC manufacturing while being able to do it for more and more customers.

Utilizing the latest in CNC machining centers and CAD/CAM software and starting only from the finest materials available, Spacecoast Precision has earned a trusted reputation in the contract manufacturing world as a company that delivers what we promise to our customers. When we started, nobody knew who we were, or what we were about, but within two years, we were supplying some of the biggest names in the automotive world, and have also supplied products to the military, aerospace, marine, and many other diverse disciplines – that doesn’t happen with poor quality, cookie-cutter products made by the container-load overseas – that happens through innovation, quality, and vision to deliver what we’d want if we were the customer.

With our successful history in multiple disciplines, we’ve got the background to be able to look to the future at turning your new projects into reality. And while we’re small enough to still care and help other startup companies get their first and subsequent products to market, we’re big enough to be able to help large companies with their production machining needs at competitive rates, truly making us the one-stop shop for your CNC machining needs.