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Yale Electric Forklift

Capable of lifting 4000 lbs

Large Storage Capacity

Accommodating up to 24 ft Bar Length

Qualified Operators

Forklift Licensed and Certified

Material Handling Capability

Material Handling Capability

Spacecoast Precision possesses the ability to handle a diverse range of material shapes and sizes. The facility is equipped with forklift capability, enabling the efficient loading and unloading of both raw and finished goods. A Yale electric forklift undergoes preventative servicing at regular intervals to ensure constant readiness for the reception and shipment of goods as required.

Logistics and Shipping

Logistics and Shipping

The facility can accommodate bars with lengths up to 24 ft, encompassing a variety of sizes and weights. Additionally, Spacecoast Precision can efficiently receive and dispatch pallets of goods weighing up to 4,000 pounds through truck freight. Certified operators, in collaboration with spotters, diligently oversee the safe transportation of loads, ensuring secure handling during the ingress and egress of goods.

Storage and Processing

Storage and Processing

Upon arrival at the facility, raw materials are typically stored on a sizable material rack until they are slated for production. Spacecoast Precision offers the capability to cut materials to specified sizes for production purposes. If required by customer specifications, meticulous traceability of the material is maintained throughout the production process.

Unprecedented Precision Manufacturing

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